FAB-SC-02 Series Field Assembly Optical Connector



The FAB-SC-APC-02 series field assembly optical connector offers an advanced solution for efficient and reliable fiber connectivity. Featuring a pre-embedded, pre-polished fiber in the ferrule, this connector ensures high precision and performance. Designed for ease of use, it requires minimal preparation steps, making it ideal for quick on-site installations.

Key Features:

1.Push-Tight Structure: Ensures high precision of fiber connection with a secure and stable fastening mechanism.

2.Integral Design: Combines simplicity, high stability, and reliability with a low-cost structure.

3.Compact Size: Suitable for installation in environments with limited space.

4.Screw-Type Tail: Provides excellent tensile strength (>40N/2min), enhancing durability and reliability.

5.User-Friendly Operation: Facilitates easy, fast assembly with a high success rate, supporting long-term use and easy maintenance.

Why Choose This Product?

Rapid Installation: Streamlined process of stripping, cleaving, and cleaning the fiber before inserting and connecting it to the pre-embedded fiber using index-matching gel, reducing installation time and effort.

High Performance: Low insertion loss (≤ 0.25dB for SC/UPC and ≤ 0.3dB for SC/APC) and high return loss (≥ 50dB for SC/UPC and ≥ 55dB for SC/APC) ensure superior signal quality and minimal data loss.

Robust Design: Built to endure harsh environmental conditions with an operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C and a tensile strength of over 40N, ensuring reliable performance.

Versatility: Compatible with 2*3mm FTTH drop cables, making it suitable for a wide range of fiber optic network applications.

Repeatable and Reusable: Can be assembled and disassembled multiple times (over 10 times), offering flexibility and cost savings for repeated installations.

Technical Specifications:

Connector Types: SC/UPC, SC/APC

Model Numbers: FTB-SC-UPC-02, FTB-SC-APC-02

Insertion Loss: SC/UPC: ≤0.25dB, SC/APC: ≤0.3dB

Return Loss: SC/UPC: ≥ 50dB, SC/APC: ≥ 55dB

Applicable Cable: 2*3mm FTTH Drop Cable

Tensile Strength: >40N/2min

Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C

Repeatability: ≤ 0.2dB

Repeated Assembly: ≥10 times

Mate and Demate Cycles: ≥500 times

Dimensions: 50mm x 9.5mm x 9.5mm


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