Dome Fiber Optic Splice Closure FAB-OFC-BDH-E5

Fibramérica developed a complete family of horizontal and dome closures to meet the complex needs of today’s fiber optic networks.

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Technical data


1,Comply with the various technical data of YD/T814.1-2013.

2,Cable port: 8

3,Cable Diameter:φ7-φ40

4,Max Capacity: 36fibers*8tray=288fibers(single)

5,Sealing way: Heat sealing



8,Working life:25 years

9,Environment temperature:-40℃-+60℃ Atmospheric pressure:100kPa/24h

10,Sealing performance: inflation pressure:70-106kPa



13,Impact:1m / 1.6kg steel ball / three times

14,Bending:150N / ±45°/ 10cycles

15,Torsion:50N.m / +90°/ 10cycles

16,Insulated Resistance:2*104 MΩ / 500v

17,Compression strength:15kv / /1min / 10mA



Features and Advantages


Suitable for straight-through,diverging and connection of FTTH,FTTB all kinds of optical communication passive network.

Small core Horizontal fiber optic splice closure 4-4

Use material of high-strength PC synthetic plastic, PP synthetic plastics, high-quality stainless steel.

Shell thickness≥4mm. enhanced insulation and heat resistance Corrosion resistance, aging resistance, excellent flame resistance and long working life.

Heat-shrinkable seal and sticky cincture seal.

Repeatedly reuse, be able to expand capabilities, convenient to construct and install, good sealing.


Installation method


Directly buried: After inflate, it can be buried directly. Wall-mounting: With hanging hook, it can be fixed up to the conduit.

Aerial-hanger: With hanging hook, it can be hanged on the steel wire.


Basic accessories


1,Cable tie  2,Heat shrinkable tube  3,Retainer ring  4,PVC tube  5,Aerial-hanger accessories

6,wall mounting accessories

7,Heat shrinkable protection tube

Optional:Silver paper,Alcohol paper,Abrasive paper,

Ground lead,Inflating valve





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