FAB-OFC-F8 Fiber Optic Splice Closure

Fibramerica’s Fiber Splitter Box provides a high density wall mounted, pole mounted and aerial mounted solution for next generation networks, which aims to provide and manage fiber splitters in a limited space.

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FAB-OFC-F8 fiber optic splice closures are specially designed to protect joints of optic cable. Excessive
fibers can be stored in storage baskets behind the splice trays. The optical fibers are fusion on sides of the tray. One tray can splice 24 fibers; Available for 3 trays to splice total 72 fibers. Adopt modified PP material, with anti-UV, anti-aging and corrosion resistance material. Good quality and long service life. It is reusable.

Application :
It can be installed in aerial locations, ducted applications, direct buried, manholes. Small volume but large capacity.

1. Excessive fibers can be stored in storage baskets. Easy in fiber management.
2. Fully mechanical sealing. Easy installation and reentry. No other sealing adhesive tape is needed.
3. Base and dome sealed with clamp and O-ring system. Cable entry ports sealed with rubber.
4. The splice trays are hinged for access to any splice tray, without disturbing other trays.
5. The inner parts and fixing parts are made of stainless steel
6. With a earthing device protect it from damage by lightning
7. Compatible with most cable types(single fiber or ribbon), and cable constructions(loose tube, central core, slotted core, modular). And the product can be used in any environment (aerial, buried, handhole, manhole)and in many
applications(tap-off, expressed, branch, and repair)

Material P.P+GF
Tray: ABS
Size 248*276*124,5
Max. adapters 8
PLC Splitter 1*1×8 (PLC)
Color Black
Relative Humidity <85% (+30°C)
Input cable Diameter 2
Splice tray 3 (12 cores)


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