FAB-WF-10R Heating Strip Fiber Optic Stripping Pliers

Heating Strip Fiber Optic Stripping Pliers.

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Place the fiber optic clamp with the ribbon fiber optic cable on the fixture table and ensure that the hot stripping clamp has been heated to the set temperature (the HEAT indicator light is always green).

• After the main cover is closed, the HEAT indicator light flashes green for about 5 seconds.
• After confirming that the green light is on, you can grip the concave parts on the main cover and fixture cover with both hands and pull the slide rail to the longest position.
• Open the main cover and fixture cover, and take out the fiber optic fixture (be careful, not to forget to clean the coating layer that has been peeled off on the hot stripping pliers).


Model Number FAB-WF-10R
Warranty Time 1 Year
Product name Hot jacket stripper WF-10R
Fiber material Silica glass
Coating material UV curable resin
Coating diameter Single core: 0.25~0.4mm; 2~12 ribbon fiber: 0.3~0.4mm
Cladding diameter 125um
Coating stripping length Max 30mm
Fiber types Single fiber, ribbon fiber
Fiber holder type FH-2,FH-4,FH-6,FH-8,FH-10,FH-12,FH-250,FH-900,FH-U (for
Battery capacity 800mAh Li-battery. Support more than 300 cycles stripping
Dimension/Weight 138mm (L)44mm (W)28mm (H) /300g(inlcuding battery)
Working Temperature 80℃, 100℃, 120℃, 140℃,


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