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Fibramérica, the trading arm of Minqing Tancome Technology, stands as a beacon in the global optical connectivity arena. Our commitment transcends meeting international standards like ISO9001; we aim for excellence, as evidenced by our CE and RoHS certified products. Our ethos is innovation combined with production superiority, ensuring we offer not just solutions, but industry benchmarks.

Strategically headquartered in Fuzhou, China, with additional offices in key commercial zones, Fibramérica ensures seamless service across continents, reflecting our dedication to client accessibility and satisfaction.

Our extensive product suite, from premium fiber optic cables to sophisticated pre-connectorized systems, showcases our innovative spirit. We excel in creating solutions—be it for intricate telecom projects or expansive product lines—that cater to the evolving needs of the industry with assured quality and reliability.

Our seasoned team of telecom experts works tirelessly to fulfill diverse client requirements, ensuring a bespoke approach from conception to delivery. This client-centric philosophy has garnered the trust of leading telecom operators, bolstered by our expansive distribution network.

Fibramérica is synonymous with pioneering solutions. We delve into the heart of innovation, where our R&D thrives on challenges, translating complex customer needs into tangible, cutting-edge products. It’s here that our collaborative spirit shines, inviting clients to be part of the creative journey, ensuring the end products are not only advanced but also personalized. Our agile response to market trends and customer feedback fuels continuous improvement, securing our position as a leader in the ever-evolving telecom landscape.

Join the ranks of those who have elevated their operations with Fibramérica’s advanced solutions, and let’s pave the way to a more interconnected future.

Find out how companies succeed with FIBRAMÉRICA

Fibramérica in the world
  • Headquarters

    ADD: No 42, Baijin East Road,  Baijin Industrial Park,  Baizhong Town,  Minqing County, Fuzhou, Fujian,  China
    TAX ID: 91350124MA31YKCU5K
    Tel: +86 186 21754882
    E-mail: comercial@

  • Shanghai Commercial Office

    ADD: Room 402, No. 10, Lane 889, Jiangliu Road, Pujin street, Minhang District,
    CITY: Shanghai
    TAX ID: 91350124MA31YKCU5K
    Tel:+86 186 21754882
    E-mail: comercial@

  • Commercial office in America

    ADD: Rua Arthur Max Dôose 183
    CITY: Balneário Camboriú – Santa Catarina (Brazil)
    CNPJ: 40.552.403/0001-68
    Tel: +55 47 2033 2231
    E-mail: comercial@


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