Internal identification for fiber management

Fibramérica Global presents the new FAB-HGT-64X

The international company Fibramérica Global, one of the most prestigious companies in countries such as Chile, Peru, Argentina, Ecuador, among other places in Latin America, shows its new optical termination box FAB-HGT-64X, an innovative solution for the development of FTTx fiber optic networks.

The FAB-HGT-64X is a building base distribution box that is intended to make the transition from outside plant cable to vertical internal wiring in optical building networks. This box is a drop cable distribution point for vertical cabling and increased reliability and speed by the end user.

It is specially designed to be installed in small spaces that have a flat surface, preferably this without neglecting its aesthetics and comfortable handling.

Some of its characteristics are:

• Allows its installation on the wall and on any flat surface.
• Material: PC + ABS, moisture-proof, water-proof, dust-proof, anti-aging, protection level up to IP54.
• Excellent fastening of the power cable, and drop cable, fiber splicing, fixing, storage, distribution, etc.
• The distribution panel can be flipped up, the power cord can be laid together, which makes maintenance and installation easier.

Among its advantages we have:

•The anchorage of the input and output cables are individual.
• Possibility of anchoring low friction cables.
• Fiber management without the need to disassemble internal components.
• Internal identification for fiber management
• Installation on any flat surface.

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