FAB-FDT-288 Fiber Distribution Cabinet

Fiber Distribution Cabinet is used for connecting, allocation and dispatching of communication optical cables to each optical distribution node, providing safe, reliable and flexible management equipment of optical fiber and cable for telecommunication network.

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The cabinets are made of SMC plastic sheet material. It is one of the fiber distribution equipment in telecom system , which is used for the main cable distribution in outdoor. It can perform fiber splicing and distribution function.
The FDT consists of cabinet, OSF(optical splitter Fame) distribution area, fiber fusion area, fiber storage area and input & output fiber fixing area. There are 4 optical splitter tray in each OSF, and totally 9 splitter tray for 1*32 PLC splitter( or 2×32 splitter) .



The interior of the FDT 288 Outdoor Street cabinet consists of the following primary components:
 SMC Cabinet. The exterior of the cabinet is constructed of light SMC material and is coated with an grey-colored finish. Each cabinet is equipped with one front door that provides full front access to the optical components. Opening angle of the door > 90°.
 Optical Distribution System : Provides a position for splicing trays. Each frame can for LC/APC duplex(SC/APC) connectors, with total 34 LC ports(17 SC ports).
 Distribution splice shelf. For this Fiber Fusion Area, there are 4 pieces of Fiber fusion block. Each block contain 6 pieces of pull-out type splice tray. Each tray can afford 24F splice fusion. So each block can fusion 144 cores of fibers. The splice tray and the storage tray are with same lead rail,and can replace with each other in one block.
 Fiber Storage System : Provides a area for the pigtails . Each tray can hold more than 16 fibers .
 Cable Fixing System : It can provides 18 positions for cable fixation .
 Grounding System – Provides a point for grounding the cabinet . Voltage limit : ≥3000V /1min no puncture and arcing ; Insulation resistance :≥ 1000MΩ/500V(DC); Grounding line : D≥ 6mm2
 Pedestal :The pedestal-mount cabinet may be mounted on a concrete pad Mounting kits (accessories) are available for each mounting option.
 Cable of feeder and distribution are included, The feeder has the 12 FO cable with 30 meters, the distribution also with the 2 cable of 144FO with length 30 meters



  • FTTH Access Network
  • Telecommunication Network
  • Data Communications Network
  • Local Area Networks
  • Ground-mounted




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