FAB-HGT-16ST Fiber Termination Box-16 cores

Fibramerica’s Fiber Splitter Box provides a high density wall mounted, pole mounted and aerial mounted solution for next generation networks, which aims to provide and manage fiber splitters in a limited space.

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Fibramerica’s Fiber Termination Box provides a high density wall mounted solution for next generation networks, which aims to provide and manage maximum numbers of fiber termination in a limited space. It is normally installed in the way of wall mounting.

The FAB-HGT-16ST Fiber Termination Box is a wiring line device of user distributions in FTTH system. It provides protection and management for fiber cable, and be used for terminating, cable branching, cross connection. It is mainly used for user access point in FTTH-ODN network.

This box can be divided into indoor and outdoor type according to the installation scenario and can be divided into distribution type and optic-split type according to the function.

FAB-HGT-16ST is used as a termination point for the feeder cable to connect with drop cable in FTTx communication network system. The fiber splicing, splitting, and distribution can be done in this box, and meanwhile it provides solid protection and management for FTTx network building.


• Made of high-quality engineer plastic material (PP), Good mechanical strength, elegant appearance, sturdiness, and durability.
• IP68 Protection.
• Suitable for indoor or outdoor, wall-mounted, pole installation.
• Built-in Stacked splice tray, easy for open, the splice tray can be taken down, easy for installation and maintenance.
• Fiber routing is reasonable.
• 1*8 and 1*16 micro type Splitter can be installed
• Clamping for feeder cable and drop cable, fiber splicing, fixation, storage, distribution…etc all in one




Max Capacity Input cable diameter Output cable diameter Packing Information
300*210*105 16 SC/APC 4*12mm 16* 2x3mm







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