FAB-HGT-16WL Fiber Termination box 16 cores

Fibramerica’s Fiber Splitter Box provides a high density wall mounted, pole mounted and aerial mounted solution for next generation networks, which aims to provide and manage fiber splitters in a limited space.

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FAB-16W fiber access termination box is able to hold up to 16 subscribers. It is used as a termination point for the feeder cable to connect with drop cable in FTTx network system. It integrates fiber splicing, splitting, distribution, storage an cable connection in one solid protection box.

This box is a solution for different types of optical network deployments and technical requirements, ensuring continuity and segregation optical cables.

The multi-function CTO is the new product generation with ability to adjust its internal configuration and type of entry / exit of cables, according to the requirements of each project, maintaining a defined structure and design organic. The box can fulfill its function as a termination, splicing the Pre- Connectorized.

The box can be configured in different ways to fulfill the following functions:

• With Directly Fusion.
• With Mini Tube splitter
• With LGX Modular splitter
• With Pre-conenctorized adapter

Each box can be fully assembled to reduce the need for opening and opening the field in the field.

• PLC and LGX splitters supported.
• Suitable for installation on poles, walls and aerial cables.
• UV protection and weather resistance.
• IP65 Rated with PC + ABS material
• Removable trays to facilitate the installation of cables.
• Support various applications by replacing components inside
• Additional lock with lock
• Able to be manufactured in different colors.


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