FAB-HGT-ZQ-10B-1 Optical Termination Box

Pre-connectorized optical distribution box as the most advanced FTTX network distribution node equipment, provide quick and reliable connection, good protection and management for the FTTX network.

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FAB-HGT-ZQ-10B-1 optical terminal box can connect the drop cable with feeder cable as the termination point in the Fttx network, which is cable to meet at least 8 & 9 users requirements. It can help splicing, splitting, storage and management with suitable space.


  • The body is made of high quality engineering plastic with good strength.
  • With good water-proof performance, suitable for indoor and outdoor natural environments.
  • With water-proof adapter, the box can be operated more conveniently.
  • The drop leaf can be installed 2 pcs of 1*4 & 1 pcs of 1*8 & 1 pcs of 1*9 tube splitter.

Optical specifications 

Model FAB-HGT-ZQ-10B-1
Material PC+ABS 
Color Black 
Adaptor Capacity 8 Or 9 Ports
Splitter Type 2 Pcs Micro PLC(1:4)
Protection Level IP 55
Size H x D x W = 209 x 205 x 86 (mm)
Installation method Wall/Pole Mount


  • Plastic bag size: 300x350mm
  • Inner box with single corrugated size: 215x210x90 mm
  • Carton with double corrugated size: 450x440x465 mm (20 PCS/Box)
  • Weight per carton:15 KG