FAB-HGT-JCD-MINI 6 Fiber Distribution Box

FAB-MINI-JCD-16: high-density fiber distribution box for FTTH, telecom, CATV; wall-mounted, IP65 waterproof, integrated splice cassettes, efficient management.

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The FAB-HGT-JCD-MINI Fiber Distribution Box is designed to provide a high-density, wall-mounted solution for next-generation networks in a space-efficient manner. It is perfectly suited for FTTH, telecom, and CATV networks. The box features IP68 waterproof protection, ensuring durability in various environments. Its integrated splice cassettes and cable management system allow for efficient fiber termination and organization, while the reasonable fiber radius condition ensures optimal performance.


  1. IP68 waterproof protection for enhanced durability.
  2. High-density, wall-mounted design to maximize space utilization.
  3. Integrated splice cassettes and cable management system.
  4. Efficient fiber termination and organization.
  5. Reasonable fiber radius condition for optimal performance.
  6. Accommodates up to 96 splicing cores.
  7. SC adapter type with 24-piece capacity.
  8. 4 incoming cable ports and 16 outcoming cable ports.
  9. Wall and pole mounting options.


  1. Fiber to the Home (FTTH) access networks.
  2. Telecommunication networks.
  3. Cable Television (CATV) networks.
  4. Data communication networks.
  5. Local Area Networks (LANs).

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm