Mid Span Tool – Longitudinal Buffer Tube

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General Description:
Buffer Tube Slitter is especially designed for stripping the outer jacket of a patchcord or a pigtail. It can slit loose tubes of ¢1.5mm~3.3mm longitudinally. It has 4 rails on the body. Each rail is for the tube of specified diameter so that the stripping precision can be improved.


  1. Compact design, light weight, portable
  2. 4 guide rails for tubes with different diameters
  3. Composed with high quality metal blades, more durable
  4. High precision rail design, ensure the integrality of the fiber


Dimension (mm) 52*38*22
Weight (kg) 0.03
Body Material Stainless steel
Stripping Cycles 2*1000 cycles
Guide Rail Diameter (mm) φ1.5~1.9 φ2.0~2.4 φ2.5~2.9 φ3.0~3.3


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