SC Adapter auto shutter

Fiber optic adapter, someti mes also called coupler, is a small device designed to terminate or link the
fiber optic cables or fiber optic connectors between two fiber op tic lines.


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Fiber optic adapters (also known as bulkheads) are used to join two fiber optic patch cables together. They are available for use with either singlemode or multimode patch cables.
Fibramerica provides an extensive line of fiber optic adapters that offer superior low loss performance with very high repeatability.


* SC APC/UPC fiber optic adaptor
* Low insertion loss, high return loss
* Good compatibility High precision of mechanical dimensions
* High reliability & stability Ceramic or Bronze Sleeve
* PC, APC, UPC optional Simplex / Duplex



Insertion loss: no more than 0.2dB (PC, UPC and APC), no more than 0.3dB (mm)
Durability: no more than 0.2dB
Withdraw force: 100 to 300g/f
Operating temperature: -40 to +85°C
Storage temperature: -40 to +85°C
Meets IS C5974 and Bellcore GR-326 standards




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