Type optical cable| FAB-GYXTC8S

The fibers, 250 µm, are positioned in a loose tube made of a high modulus plastic. The tubes are filled with a water-resistant filling compound.

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GYXTC8S type optical cable is center pipe loosing jacket filling type, steel-PE adhesive jacket, 8 font self undertaken type communication outdoor optical cable.


•Being used full section water retardant structure it possesses good water retardant and dampproof property
• Special factice is filled into inside of loosing jacket and takes key protection to optical fiber;
• Vertical wrapped steel strip strengthens resisting lateral pressure ability
• 8 font self undertaken type structure possesses high tensile strength and is convenient for aerial installation and its installation cost is cheap;
•The service life of the product will be more 30 years
Reference with Standard YD/T 1155-2001 as well as IEC60794-1


Product Mechanical performance parameter

Cable Code Fiber
Fillers Cable
Weight Kg/
Tensile Strength
(Long/Short term
Crush Resistence
(Long/Short term
FAB-GYXTCBS-2-12 2-12 4 6.5×13.2 95 600/1500 300/1000
FAB-GYXTCBS-14-24 14-24 0 7.0×13.7 102 600/1500 300/1000

Transport/Storage/Operating Temperature: – 40°C~ + 70°C


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