10Gb/s XFP Transceivers

The transceiver is an important part of a fiber optics network and is used to convert electrical signals to optical (light) signals and optical signals to electrical signals. It can be plugged into or embedded into another device within a data network that can send and receive a signal.

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  • SONET OC-192
  • SDH STM 64 at 9.953Gbps
  • 10G Ethernet
  • 10G Fiber Channel
  • 10GE over G.709 at 11.09Gbps
  • OC192 over FEC at 10.709Gbps


  • Operating data rate up to 11.3Gbps
  • Laser Class 1 compliant
  • Compliant to XFP MSA
  • Operating Temperature: 0 ~+70℃

Ordering Information


Part No. Description Data Rate Wavelength Distance Operating Temp. Tx Power
Rx Sensitivity
LX-100 XFP LR 10.3Gbps 1310nm DFB 10Km 0℃-70℃ -3~ +1 -14
LX-400 XFP ER 10.3Gbps 1550nm EML 40Km 0℃-70℃ -1~ +4 -16
LX-800 XFP ZR 10.3Gbps 1550nm EML +APD 80Km 0℃-70℃ 0~ +5 -24
LX-4XX XFP DWDM 10.3Gbps DWDM 40Km 0℃-70℃ 0~ +5 -16
LX-8XX XFP DWDM 10.3Gbps DWDM+APD 80Km 0℃-70℃ 0~ +5 -24
LX-220 XFP DWDM 10.3Gbps TX1270nm/RX1330nm 20Km 0℃-70℃ -3~ +1 -14
LX-221 XFP DWDM 10.3Gbps TX1330nm/RX1270nm 20Km 0℃-70℃ -3~ +1 -14


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