48 cores ADSS fiber optic cable, G652D, 100m Span

The best ADSS fiber optic cables are from Fibramérica. Designed to adapt to any operating environment and meet your project needs. Consult on your specific cable configuration and technical assistance with our specialists in your own language.

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48 cores ADSS Fiber Optic Cable: Maximum Reliability and Performance for Demanding Environments

The ADSS (All-Dielectric Self-Supporting) Fiber Optic Cable stands out for its fully dielectric and self-supporting design, optimized for aerial installations between poles. This cable has been specifically engineered to withstand the demands of outdoor installations, from towers to electric poles, thanks to its unique combination of strength and reliability.

Highlighted Features:

Fiber Type: Single-mode G.652D with doped silica material, ensuring high-purity optical signal transmission and low attenuation.

Outstanding Optical Performance:
• Attenuation coefficient less than 0.35 dB/km at 1310 nm, and even lower, at 0.21 dB/km at 1550 nm.
• Zero dispersion wavelength between 1300 ~ 1324 nm, with a zero dispersion slope less than 0.092 ps/(nm².km).
• PMDQ (Quadratic Mean) less than 0.2 ps/km½, minimizing temporal distortions in signals transmitted over long distances.

The ADSS fiber optic cable features a robust design tailored for outdoor use, ensuring durability across different environments. At its core is a central strength member made of FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic), surrounded by PBT loose tubes that protect the optical fibers. A water-blocking layer, composed of yarns and tapes reinforced with aramid yarn, offers protection against moisture and mechanical stress. The external jacket, made of either MDPE or HDPE, is designed to withstand UV rays, chemicals, and physical abrasion.

This cable utilizes a loose-jacketed stranded structure where optical fibers are encased in a high-modulus plastic loose tube, filled with a water-repellent compound. The tube is wound around the FRP central strength member, with gaps filled with water-blocking filler, and reinforced with aramid fibers, followed by a protective outer sheath. This design ensures the cable’s integrity and performance in outdoor installations, combining strength, moisture protection, and resistance to environmental factors in a compact and efficient structure.

Commitment to Quality

Fibramérica is committed to delivering high-quality ADSS (All-Dielectric Self-Supporting) fiber optic cables, designed to provide reliable and durable solutions for a wide range of telecommunications infrastructure projects. Our focus on quality control encompasses every aspect of production, from the selection of materials through to the final stages of performance testing. This rigorous approach ensures that each cable not only adheres to industry standards but also meets the specific requirements of our clients in terms of transmission efficiency, reliability, and longevity.

The ADSS fiber optic cable from Fibramérica is suitable for various applications, including challenging outdoor environments. It is engineered to offer a high degree of resilience against environmental factors, ensuring uninterrupted performance and reduced maintenance costs over time.

For detailed information on how our ADSS fiber optic cable can support your project’s requirements, or to request personalized consultation, please contact us. Our team is available to provide expert advice and tailored solutions to meet your connectivity needs.

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