FAB-OFC-BDM-GR8 Dome Closure 192 cores (Mechanical Sealing)

Fibramérica developed a complete family of horizontal and dome closures to meet the complex needs of today’s fiber optic networks.

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The FAB-OFC-BDM-GR8 Dome Closure 192 cores (Mechanical Sealing) from Fibramérica is a high-performance solution for fiber optic distribution, designed to withstand various environmental conditions. Made from high-strength engineering PP plastic, this closure ensures a long lifespan and excellent sealing performance. It features a mechanical and heat shrinkable sealing structure with an oval-shaped port for uncut straight-through fiber cables and multiple smaller ports for branch and drop cables. Supporting cable diameters of ø5~ø9 and up to 24 drop cables, this closure is ideal for complex network installations. Its patented sealing structure maintains optimal performance even after multiple re-entries and re-uses, saving installation time and improving efficiency.

The FAB-OFC-BDM-GR8 Dome Closure is suitable for bunchy fiber applications and can be mounted aerially, underground, on walls, in hand holes, and in ducts. It supports multiple splitter trays and various types of PLC splitters, including 1:8 Blockless or bare PLC Splitters, making it especially valuable for FTTH (Fiber to the Home) projects. With a capacity of up to 192 fiber cores, this closure is a reliable and efficient solution for modern fiber optic distribution needs, designed to operate within a temperature range of -40℃ to +65℃.


• Suitable for bunchy fibers.
• Aerial, underground, wall-mounting, hand hole-mounting and duct-mounting.
• It’s especially applicable to FTTH optical fiber distribution.

Structural Drawing

Ordering Information
Optical Splice Trays

Splice Tray(065#)
Splice Tray(066#)
Splice Tray(067#)
Splice Tray(069#)



Type Splice Tray Capacity Splitter Type Max. Capacity
GJS-2025 I(Bunchy) 8pcs (6-12f per tray) Blockless 1:4/1:8 96F
GJS-2025 II(Bunchy)  16pcs (6-12f per tray) None 192F
GJS-2025 III(Bunchy)  8pcs (5-10f per tray)  Blockless 1:4/1:8 80F



Name Quantity
1 1 roll
2 Insulation tape 1 pc
3 Abrasive cloth 1 pc
4 Heat shrinkable protective sleeve 1 bag
5 Nylon Tie 1 set
6 Desiccant 2 bags
7 Special Wrench 3 pcs
8 Hose Clamp 8pcs


Optional Accessories 

Name Quantity
1 Pressure testing valve 1 pc
2 Earthing deriving device 1 pc
3 Buffer tube for bunchy fiber 1 roll
4 Pole mounting 1 set
5 Aerial mounting 1 set
6 Wall mounting 1 set


Dimension and capacity

Outside dimension (H×W×L) 323×192×345mm
Weight (excluding outside box) About 4.0 kg
Number of inlet/out ports Drop cable Drop cable 24 pcs, Fiber cable 8 pcs
Diameter of fiber cable Drop cable Drop cable Φ5~Φ9mm,fiber cable Φ8~Φ20mm
Capacity of FOSC Bunchy: 12-192cores



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