E2000 Adapter

Fibramérica provides various mechanical attenuator both female to male and bulkhead types are available.


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The E2000 Fiber adaptor is one kind of fiber flange. It is mainly used for interconnecting two fiber
connectors. Both UPC and APC polishing mode are available.


•Excellent Temperature stability
•Low insertion loss ,high return loss
•Good repeatability and exchangeability
•Excellent mechanical endurance
•Easy to use, Can be embedded in the box, ODF and etc.
•Suitable for all polishing type.
•Zirconia internal tube ensures a low insertion loss



Product Name: E2000 singlemode optic adapter
Inserion Loss: ≤0.3dB
Durability: >1000 times
Operating Temp: -40~70°C
Material: Plastic
Application: FTTx,LAN,CATV,Telecom
Connector Type: E2000-E2000
Polish Type: UPC;APC
Fiber Mode: Singlemode; Multimode; OM3; OM4;OM5
Color UPC/Blue; APC/Green
Core: Simplex
Flange: with flange


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