FAB-0708A High Precision Fiber Cleaver

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FAB-0708A High Precision Fiber Cleaver is a new generation product; it’s an extremely light and reliable cleaver for the construction of optical network. Designed for excellent portability, FAB-0708A High Precision Fiber Cleaver is ideal for FTTx applications. The attached hexagonal wrench on the bottom allows you to adjust cleaver anytime and everywhere, enhancing the working efficiency greatly. With the special hand wrist strap, users should worry about accidental dropping no more.


  1. Compact design
  2. High reliability
  3. Good cleaving performance
  4. 36,000 times cleave per blade
  5. High stability and precision


  1. Special hand wrist strap design, dropping proof
  2. Internal hexagonal wrench placement design
  3. One step operation, no special skill is required
  4. Compact design
  5. High reliability
  6. Good cleaving performance
  7. 48,000 times cleave per blade
  8. High stability and precision


Material Die-casting aluminum
Fiber Diameter 250um/900um
Bare Fiber Diameter 125um
Cleave Angle Capability typically <0.8˚ (single core)
Cleave Length 5~20mm
Blade Lifetime 48,000 fiber cleaves
Blade Lifetime 48,000 times fiber cleaves (3,000 times 12-fiber cleaves)
Dimension 63*76*63mm
Weight 380g

Note: Optional Fiber collector and Blade


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