FAB-OFC-BIM-G4 Inline Closure 96 cores

Fibramérica developed a complete family of horizontal and dome closures to meet the complex needs of today’s fiber optic networks.

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 FAB-OFC-BIM-G4 Inline Type Fiber Optic Splice Closure (OFC) is mechanical sealing for reusable application. The installation method can be aerial mounting, wall mounting, pole mounting and manhole.


Type Inline type
Outside dimension 432×186×100mm
Weight (excluding outside box) 2500~3000g
Number of inlet/outlet ports 4 ports
Diameter of fiber cable 10~20mm
Capacity of FOSC Bunchy: 12~96 (cores)
Body material Modified polymer plastics
Sealing Material Vulcanized silicone rubber
Assembling method Aerial mounting, wall mounting, pole mounting and manhole
Temperature -40~65



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