FAB-FSP-S12 Series Optical Distribution Frame

Fibramerica’s ODF is used as terminal equipment of fiber optic cable for optical fiber wiring, fixation, fusion and patching.

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FAB-FSP-S12 Series Optical Distribution Frame is used for house in operation the pre-connectorized optical couplers, connection panels and splices trays, so that they all together conform to a platform for optical transmission and reception.

1) Standard 19 inch installation.
2) Swing-out drawer design.
3) Independent cable passage.
4) Patch panels with SC adapter.
5) Rotating structure, saving space and convenient operation.

Model: FSP-S12
Installation Method:  19” / 23” Rack Mount
Color: Gray ( Default RAL 7035 ) / Black / White
Material: Cold Rolled Steel
Type Of Adapter: SC/LC
Size: H×W×D (mm) (Pic 1) 88×482×240


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