FAB-HGT-ZQ-18A-1 Optical Termination Box

Pre-connectorized optical distribution box as the most advanced FTTX network distribution node equipment, provide quick and reliable connection, good protection and management for the FTTX network.

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FAB-HGT-ZQ-18A-1 optical terminal box can connect the drop cable with feeder cable as the termination point in the Fttx network, which is cable to meet at least 18 users requirements. It can help splicing, splitting, storage and management with suitable space.


  • The body is made of high quality engineering plastic with good strength.
  • With good water-proof performance, suitable for indoor and outdoor natural environments.
  • With water-proof adapter, the box can be operated more conveniently.
  • The drop leaf can be installed 1 pcs of 1*17 & 1 pcs of 1*2 and 1 pcs of 1*16 tube splitter.

Optical specifications 

Model FAB-HGT-ZQ-18A-1
Material PC+ABS 
Color Black 
Adaptor Capacity 18 Ports
Splitter Type Micro PLC (1:17&1:2 Or 1:16)
Protection Level IP 68
Size H x D x W = 200 x 180 x 108 (mm)
Installation method Wall/Pole Mount


  • Plastic bag size: 300x350mm
  • Inner box with single corrugated size: 210x210x120 mm
  • Carton with double corrugated size: 630x440x445 mm (20 PCS/Box)
  • Weight per carton:5KG