FAB-JCD-16-I4 Fiber Optic Enclosure IP68

FTTH Drop Cable Type Fiber Optic Splice & Splitter Closure features with ruggedness, which is tested under harsh conditions and stand up to even the most severe conditions of moisture, vibration and extreme temperatures.

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The FAB-JCD-16-I4 Fiber Optic Splice and Splitter Closure is designed to provide reliable and durable protection for fiber optic cables in various installation environments. This closure is engineered to withstand harsh conditions such as moisture, vibration, and extreme temperatures, ensuring long-term performance and reliability. Its human-centered design enhances user experience and safety during operation, making it an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor fiber optic installations.

This closure features a compact size and a flip-over cover for easy access and operation. The splice trays are connected with a hinge on one side, allowing for simple handling and reducing the risk of damage during installation and maintenance. The FAB-JCD-16-I4 supports midspan termination and is equipped with dis-mountable adaptor panels for flexible configuration and easy installation.

The closure is suitable for wall mounting, pole mounting, and underground installations. It supports 2*3mm indoor FTTH drop cables as well as outdoor 5mm round cables, providing versatility for different deployment scenarios. Its rugged construction and IP68 sealing ensure it remains effective in the most demanding conditions.

Key Features

• Dis-mountable Adaptor Panel: Allows for flexible and easy installation.
• Midspan Termination Support: Facilitates easier network expansion and maintenance.
• Easy Operation and Installation: Designed for user convenience with rotatable and dis-mountable splice trays.
• Rugged Construction: Tested for durability under harsh environmental conditions.
• Multiple Mounting Options: Suitable for wall, pole, and underground installations.


▪ Wall mounting & pole mounting installation
▪ Suitable for 2*3mm Indoor FTTH Drop Cable and Outdoor Figure 8 FTTH Drop Cable (standard) or
6mm cable (optional)


Technical Specifications

Parameter Details
Model FAB-JCD-16-I4
Dimensions 410 x 240 x 130 mm
Weight 4.5 – 5 kg
Sealing Type Mechanical sealing
Cable Ports 1 input port (10-17.5 mm), 2 output ports (8-17.5 mm), 16 output ports (<4 mm)
Splice Tray Capacity 24 fibers per tray
Maximum Splicing Capacity 96 fibers
Material Modified polymer plastic
Color Black
Applicable Cable Diameter 10-17.5 mm (input), 8-17.5 mm (output), 2*3 mm FTTH Drop Cable or 7 mm round cable (drop ports)
Sealing IP Rating IP68
Impact Test Rating IK10
Pull Force 100N
Storage (Tube/Micro Cable) Yes
Environmental Temperature Range -40°C to +65°C
Optical Performance No significant additional attenuation
Net Weight 4 kg
Gross Weight 5 kg
Packing Dimensions 540 x 410 x 375 mm (4 pcs per carton)



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