FAB-OFC-BDM-Z5S12-48VG 576 Fibers Fiber Optic Splice Closur


FAB-OFC-BDM-Z5S12-48VG 576 Fibers Fiber Optic Splice Closure provides protection for direct connection, branch and continual connection for various kinds of cables. The mechanical sealing performance is reliable, the protection grade of the closure is IP68. It is widely used in many applications: aerial, pole-mounting, wall-mounting, pipeline and direct burial.

• High capacity for trunk cable for telecom application
• This design keeps the box under sustainable sealing performance in regular operations.


Max. Capacity 576 fibers
Capacity per Tray 12 fibers/tray
Max. Trays 48pcs
Cable Ports 1 uncut port and 4 round ports
Cable Diameter Ф10-Ф22mm
Sealing Structure mechanical
Dimension 585×φ260mm
Working Temperature -40℃~65℃



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