FC Attenuator

Fibramérica provides various mechanical attenuator both female to male and bulkhead types are available.


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l  Provide stable attenuation from 1 to Max. 25dB with 1dB increments

l  Performance according to IEC61754

l  Compliance with RoHS


Connector Type FC/SC/ST/LC, E9/125
Polishing mode UPC/APC
Wavelength 1310/1550nm
Return Loss(1) ≥50dB(UPC), ≥60dB(APC)
Attenuation Tolerance(2) ±0.5dB@1~5dB; ±0.75dB@6~10dB; ±10% @11~25dB
Operating Temp. -20 ~ +70℃




  Measurement procedure acc. to IEC61300-3-6

  Measurement procedure acc. to IEC61300-3-4

Ordering Information

SampleCMA12305 —- SC Attenuator, SM/APC, Green, 5dB

Connector Type   Mode   Color   Attenuation  
1 SC 1 SM/UPC 1 Metal 05 5dB
2 LC 2 SM/APC 2 Blue 10 10dB
3 FC 3 Green 15 15dB
4 ST 4 Customized 20 20dB
XX Customized


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