Field Assembly Fast Connector FAB-FAOC-SC-A001

The pre-embedded fiber in the ferrule of field assembly optical connector has already been pre-polished
at the patchcord workshop. 

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Field assembly connector is a most used passive opponent in optical construction field which is used to terminate a optical fiber (generally,FTTx butterfly cable). It has already been applied in Optical Distribution Cabinet, Optical testing instrument and Optical transmission network . With the rising of FTTH construction around the world, the demand of the field assembly connector will be enhanced year by year.The field assembly connector can be separated into two types: Fiber direct-in type and Preset fiber with matching fluid type.
Fiber direct-in field assembly connector.
Preset fiber field assembly connector with matching fluid

1. Suitable for FTTx butterfly type cable(both square and circle shape are available)
2. Special Crimp Tool free design
3. Low insertion loss (including optical adapter)
4. Buckle design, easy to open and close
5. Integrated with SC/APC ferrule
6. Preset fiber and matching-fluid design ensure the performance
7. Composed with high quality adaption fluid
8. Easy in use


Insertion Loss ≤ 0.5dB (UPC) Typical 0.2dB | ≤ 0.5dB (APC) Typical 0.2dB
Return Loss ≥ 50dB (UPC) | ≥ 55dB (APC)
Applicable Cable 2*3mm FTTH Drop Cable
Tensile Force (N) >40N


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