LP-3P PON Power Meter

Optical Power Meter is used to test optical power, loss, continuity and faults on all types of fiber optic systems. LP-3 series OPM provides high accuracy and simplicity of test. Working with Linku’s LS-3 series OLS, it can automatically recognize the wavelength to be tested to reduce the possibility of wrong operation.


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The LP-3P is designed for the FTTX PON (APON, BPON, EPON and GPON) network installation and maintenance. It can directly show the status of pass or fail by setting threshold.


  •  Pass/Fail testing with warning tone
  •  Two testing ports with “ONU” & “OLT/Video”
  •  Filtered measurements with distinct power display
  •  Self-calibration
  •  Auto power-off with sleeping mode, battery indicator
  •  LCD display with back-light
  •  10 thresholds setting
  •  Up to 1000 testing results storage
  •  USB port for data transmission
  •  Up to 10 hours continuous operation


Model # LP-3P
 Calibration Wavelength 1310nm 1490nm 1550nm
 Measurement Range -40dBm~+10dBm (continuous)

-30dBm~+10dBm (burst signal)

-50dBm~+10dBm -50dBm~+30dBm
 Spectral Passband 1260nm~1360nm



1480nm~1500nm 1530~1570nm
 Max. Inputting Power 15dBm 15dBm 30dBm
 Isolation N/A 30dB (to 1550nm) 30dB (to 1490nm)
 Accuracy* ±0.5dB (±1dB for burst signal)



 Resolution 0.01dB
 Pass Through Attenuation <1.5 dB
 ORL >50 dB
 Connector SC/PC &. 2.5mm universal
 Operating/ Storage Temperature -10℃ ~ 50℃ /  -20℃ ~ 70℃
 Power supply 3 * AA batteries; AC/DC adaptor
 Dimension (mm) 170*82*35 (L*W*H)
 Standard Accessories:
 SC/PC adapter, carrying bag, Manual
 Optional Items
 VFL Module (650nm; 10mW, CW&.2Hz)

* @ 20+3°C, CW, SC/PC connector, -10dBm


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