PROBOX68-8A Fiber Termination Box-8 cores

Fibramerica’s Fiber Splitter Box provides a high density wall mounted, pole mounted and aerial mounted solution for next generation networks, which aims to provide and manage fiber splitters in a limited space.

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The Fibramérica PROBOX68-8A Fiber Termination Box stands as a beacon of innovation in the telecommunications industry, designed to meet the rigorous demands of next-generation network infrastructure. This state-of-the-art device is engineered to provide a compact, high-density solution for fiber termination, enabling efficient management of fiber connections in a limited space. Its robust construction and IP68 protection level ensure unparalleled durability and resistance against water and dust, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of environmental conditions.

Crafted with versatility in mind, the PROBOX68-8A offers multiple installation options, including wall mounting, pole mounting, and aerial cable mounting. This flexibility allows for seamless integration into various settings, from urban infrastructure to remote outdoor locations. The box’s thoughtful design includes a manageable fiber radius condition and a bend radius control of more than 40mm, ensuring the integrity and optimal performance of fiber connections while minimizing the risk of damage or signal loss.

Internally, the PROBOX68-8A is equipped to support advanced fiber management features. It can house a 1*8 micro type splitter and 8 SC/APC adapters, facilitating efficient signal distribution and scalability. With 8 ports for cable entry, accommodating both FTTH Drop Cable and armored Cable, it offers a comprehensive solution for fiber distribution needs. This capacity for expansion and adaptation underscores its utility in evolving network environments, highlighting its role in future-proofing telecommunications infrastructure.

The installation process of the PROBOX68-8A is designed with the user in mind, featuring straightforward instructions for wall, pole, and overhead installations. The inclusion of detailed dimensions and recommended installation hardware ensures a secure and precise setup, further enhancing the overall reliability and performance of the device. As networks grow and the demand for reliable, high-capacity fiber termination solutions increases, the PROBOX68-8A from Fibramérica emerges as a pivotal component in the development of robust, efficient, and scalable telecommunications systems.

1. Mounting Versatility: The PROBOX68-8A offers unmatched flexibility with options for pole/wall mounting and aerial cable mounting, ensuring effortless installation in any setting.

2. Efficient Management: Designed to organize fibers within a reasonable radius, it ensures optimal bend radius control of over 40 mm, minimizing the risk of damage and signal loss.

3. Expandable Capacity: Capable of accommodating a 1*8 micro type splitter and 8 SC/APC adapters, this device is ready to grow with your network’s increasing needs.

4. Protected Connections: Provides 8 ports for distribution cable entries, with options for 2*3mm FTTH Drop Cable and 5mm armored Cable, offering a secure and reliable solution for any type of installation.

High-Level Technical Configuration:
With dimensions of 28018282 mm, the PROBOX68-8A not only optimizes space but also maximizes the capacity for up to 12 fiber terminations. Its design considers both ease of installation and maximum protection, with detailed installation size and input/output cable diameters to facilitate adaptation to various network configurations. The IP68 protection level ensures the box is completely waterproof and dustproof, ideal for demanding environments.

Simplified Installation:
Whether you prefer a wall-mounted, pole-mounted, or overhead structure installation, the PROBOX68-8A comes with clear instructions to ensure a hassle-free setup. From precisely drilling holes to securely fixing with bolts and pole rings, we’ve streamlined the process so you can get your system up and running quickly.

Fibramérica’s Fiber Termination Box PROBOX68-8A is the perfect choice for telecom operators, network engineers, and service providers looking for a robust, reliable, and easy-to-manage solution for fiber termination management. Its intelligent design, combined with the highest level of environmental protection, ensures your network is prepared to meet today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities. With Fibramérica, you’re investing in cutting-edge technology that promises performance, durability, and scalability.

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