SMALL BOX 16 Fiber Termination Box-16 Cores (NEW)

The new generation of compact optical termination box. The best quality with the best price.

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Fibramerica’s Fiber Termination Box provides a high density wall mounted solution for next generation networks, which aims to provide and manage maximum numbers of fiber termination in a limited space. It is normally installed in the way of wall mounting or pole mounting.


  1. Water-proof design with IP65 Protection level
  2. Integrated with splice cassette and cable management system
  3. Easy to maintain and extend the capacity
  4. Fiber bend radius control more than 40mm
  5. Suitable for the fusion splice or mechanical splice
  6. Capacity of fiber up to 16 ports
  7. 1×8, 1×16 PLC Splitter can be installed as an option
  8. Efficient cable management
  9. UV protection and anti-aging material
  10. Available in black and white


Material PC+ABS
Size 250*200*72mm
Max Capacity 16 SC Ports
Max Input 2*Φ18mm
Max Output 16*2x3mm
PLC 2pcs. *1×8 | 1pc. 1×16

Product cable ways


1.Wall-mounted installation

Drill 4 holes over the wall based on the size in table 1,place the expansion bolt Φ7.5*40,place the box to match up the holes and use bolt to fasten.

2.Pole-mounted installation

Fix 1 set of the easy pole ring to the telecom pole .



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