The PROBOX68 boxes have a set of options that allow installation on a pole, wall and cable.

PROBOX68 Fiber Termination Box

Fibramérica’s PROBOX68 boxes are complete solutions for the storage, fusion and distribution of fiber optics, manufactured with the latest generation materials that offer greater resistance, practicality and savings in installation time.

Its modern design and its constructive characteristics give PROBOX68 boxes a greater capacity to adapt to multiple work environments, types of installation and optical network architectures for the continuity and / or segregation of optical cables. They can be used in both power and distribution networks.

Resistance, modern aesthetics and versatility are terms that define this new series of Fibramérica boxes. Its high-resistance plastic structure with a maximum protection degree IP68 (complete protection against dust and water, even in immersion situations), interchangeable tray system and base with ports for inlet and bypass, allow to adapt this box to the use required by the user. The different variations of the box do not alter the external aesthetics, thus maintaining a visual unity in optical networks.

The organic design of the PROBOX68 boxes, allied to their reduced dimensions and light weight, are an added value to urban aesthetics, as well as facilitating their transport, installation, maintenance and use in the field by technicians.

It has a completely pre-connected version, for both balanced and unbalanced networks, with high quality reinforced external adapters for a perfect connection.