PROBOX68-16PRE Optical Fiber Cable Distribution Box

Las cajas PROBOX68 de Fibramérica son soluciones completas para el almacenamiento, fusión y distribución de fibra óptica, fabricadas con materiales de última generación que ofrecen mayor resistencia, practicidad y economía de tiempo de instalación.

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Pre-connectorized optical distribution box as the most advanced FTTX network distribution node equipment, provide quick and reliable connection, good protection and management for the FTTX network.


• Advanced structure design, easy operation and reasonable routing.
• Material: PP or PC+ABS.
• Moisture proof, waterproof, dust-proof, anti-aging.
• Protection level up to IP68.
• 1 oval optical cable entry, 2 branch optical cable entries and 16 pre-connected adapters.
• 2 type splice trays optional.
• Installation method: pole-mounted, aerial-mounted, wall-mounted.
• It can be equipped with drop cable storage tray to meet the storage of 50 meters 5mm round cable.


Item Specifications Remark
External dimension(mm) 378*255*136(A*B*C)
Installation hole position(mm) 215*266*239(D*E*F)
Color Black Customizable
Size and quantity of optical cable hole  1 oval optical cable entry, 2 branch optical cable entries and 16 pre-connected adapters
Capacity(Max) 4 type A(48 cores) or 8 type B (64 cores) melt fiber discs It can be combined or selected
Into the largest cable diameter (mm) ᴓ15
Maximum size of branch hole(mm) 2*3 ~ Ø7
IP protection level IP68
Flammability HB(Conventional) can be customized according to requirements
Neutral salt spray test (NSS) 48 h



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