Fiber Termination Box | Model FAB-HGT-8ZT

8 port termination box. Ideal for wall installations. Smart design to install and handle fiber.

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This termination box model provides a perfect solution for wall mounting, offering an internal system and ideal size for high-density space. This model provides and manages a maximum of 8 fibers in a limited space.


1. It has a splice cassette and cable management system
2. Facilitates the installation and handling of the fiber in a reduced space
3. The bending radius of the fiber over 40mm
4. A 1 × 8 micro PLC splitter can be installed
5. All splice trays are hinged up to 120 degrees
6. The adapter can be rotated at an angle
7. 8 port cable entry for distribution cables for option, 2 × 3mm drop type subscriber cable and 3mm shielded cable.


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