PROBOX68-8PRE Optical Fiber Cable Distribution Box

Las cajas PROBOX68 de Fibramérica son soluciones completas para el almacenamiento, fusión y distribución de fibra óptica, fabricadas con materiales de última generación que ofrecen mayor resistencia, practicidad y economía de tiempo de instalación.

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Pre-connectorized optical distribution box as the most advanced FTTX network distribution node equipment, provide quick and reliable connection, good protection and management for the FTTX network.


• Advanced structure design, easy operation and reasonable routing.
• Material: PP or PC+ABS.
• Moisture proof, waterproof, dust-proof, anti-aging.
• Protection level up to IP68.
• 1 oval optical cable entry, 2 branch optical cable entries and 8 pre-connected adapters.
• 2 type splice trays optional.
• Installation method: pole-mounted, aerial-mounted, wall-mounted.
• It can be equipped with drop cable storage tray to meet the storage of 50 meters 5mm round cable.


Item Specifications Remark
External dimension(mm) 378*255*116(A*B*C)
Installation hole position(mm) 215*266*239(D*E*F)
Color Black Customizable
Size and quantity of optical cable hole  1 oval optical cable entry, 2 branch optical cable entries and 8 pre-connected adapters
Capacity(Max) 4 type A(48 cores) or 8 type B (64 cores) melt fiber discs It can be combined or selected
Into the largest cable diameter (mm) ᴓ15
Maximum size of branch hole(mm) ᴓ12
IP protection level IP68
Flammability HB(Conventional) can be customized according to requirements
Neutral salt spray test (NSS) 48 h



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