X-17 Thermal Stripper

X-17 Thermal Stripper type is used for precision cutting single core fiber tool, suitable for FTTH optical fiber to the home.

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X-17 Thermal Stripper is a newly developed hand-held thermal stripper, specially designed for nondestructive thermal stripping of the jacket of single fiber and ribbon cable up to 12 fibers. A good and reliable tool for ribbon fiber splicing work.


※ Apply to single and ribbon (up to 12 cores) fibers
※ 4 seconds fast heating, 4 levels temperature optional
※ Normal and Power saving modes Optional
※ Pluggable Li-battery, support more than 300 cycles
※ Small size and light weight, conenient to carry
※ Rugged and durable for any tough environment
※ Easy to operate and maintain, near zero failure.
※ Reach CE, ROHS international standards


Fiber material: Silica glass
Coating material: UV curable resin
Coating diamter: Single core: 0.25~0.4mm; 2~12 ribbon fiber: 0.3~0.4mm
Cladding diameter: 125μm
Coating stripping length: Max 30mm
Fiber typs Single fiber, ribbon fiber
Fiber holder type: FH-2,FH-4,FH-6,FH-8,FH-10,FH-12,FH-250,FH-900,FH-U (for 250/900μm fibers)
Heating mode: Normal mode, power saving mode
Temperature setting: Normal mode: 80℃, 95℃ 110℃, 130℃.  / Power saving mode: 70℃, 80℃, 95℃, 110℃.
Typical heating time: Normal mode: 4~5secs  /  Power saving mode: 5~6secs
Battery capacity: 800mAh Li-battery. Support more than 300 cycles stripping once fully charged
Power supply AC adapter, input: AC100-240V(50/60HZ), output: DC12V-1A
Operation environment: Altitude: 0-5000m, Relative humidity: 0-95%, Temperature: 0℃ ~ +40 ℃, Wind speed: 15m/s maximum
Dimension/Weight: 138mm (L)×34.5mm (W)×35mm (H) /300g(inlcuding battery)


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